Our Mission

It is our Mission to determine which barriers exist in the communities that we serve and to insure that opportunities are available for all residents to obtain health services, education, housing, employment and financial stability. It is further our Mission to encourage and provide the opportunity for residents to participate in community planning and decision-making.

Our Vision

It is our Vision to continue to improve the quality and comprehensiveness of our existing services (as well as any new programs and/or services) to better meet the needs of those individuals we assist by providing services that allow consumers to make decisions on the level and type of assistance they need an in partnership with funding source requirements. It will continue to be our Vision to assist families, one at a time or collectively to become stronger, more self sufficient and increase family stability by developing and implementing viable and appropriate outcome measures that have been developed with family members. It is our Vision to continue to develop community-wide partnerships and to be respectful of the diversity and strengths of all members of the communities we serve.

Our Approach

To accomplish our Mission and implement our Vision Self Help will:

Insure that all individuals and families who apply for and are eligible for services receive them in a manner that is courteous, respectful and helpful.
Work with partners in the community to develop opportunities for housing, employment, education, health, family services and financial resources for families and individuals at-risk and in need of services.
Assist and encourage individuals to participate in local, state and national organizations/groups and make decisions on levels and quality of services/resources in their communities.
Monitor and assess internal mechanisms of our agency on a regular basis to insure all systems are operating appropriately and that consumers are getting the best services available in a reasonable amount of time.
Advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all members of the community and increase awareness of community problems and issues to ensure that all residents are aware of needs and have the opportunity to participate in solutions to community problems.