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Community Outreach Program

The Self Help Community Outreach Program helps people meet basic needs by providing assessment, advocacy, direct service, information and referral to residents of the Self Help service area. Outreach Workers assist clients with services available within Self Help and from a network of community agencies and providers offering services and resources for specific crisis needs.

Program staff help people apply for assistance with programs such as Food Stamps, Fuel Assistance, TAFDC, WIC and Weatherization. Direct services provide immediate assistance necessary to alleviate the family's crisis situation and stabilize their lives. Direct services assist clients with:

  • Food Pantries
  • Utilities/FEMA Assistance
  • Health Providers
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Employment and Training Programs
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Housing Programs
  • Child Care/Voucher Care
  • All Self Help Programs

Community Network

Community Outreach Workers hold periodic workshops as well as participate in a wide variety of community events. Workshops cover a wide range of issues including:

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Skill Building/Self Sufficiency
  • Nutrition Education
  • Community Resources
  • Employment Readiness/Resources



Links to Community Resources

Brockton Hospital

Brockton Hospital's Better Beginnings Program uses multicultural Advocates to educate women in Brockton and surrounding communities about the importance of early and adequate prenatal care.

DTA ( Welfare Office)

DTA provides financial and food stamp services to individuals and families that meet certain financial and categorical requirements. Additional services are provided to those individuals and families that meet program eligibility for the purpose of becoming self-sufficient.

Health Care of SE Mass.

Family Violence Prevention, Sexual Assault Prevention, Teen Parent/Pregnant Teen Education Programs, Educational Support Services, Family Planning, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Parenting/Family Support Groups, Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Family Violence Counseling, Sexual Assault Counseling, Gay/Lesbian Advocacy Groups, Administrative Entities, Speakers/Speakers Bureaus, Technical Assistance Specializations

BAMSI (Brockton Area Multi Services Inc)

Housing, Temporary Financial Aid, Alternative Education, Educational Support Services, HIV Testing, Health Care Referrals, Day Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Early Intervention for Infants/Toddlers with Disabilities, WIC, Residential Living Options for People with Disabilities, Case Management, Family-Based Services, Life Problems Counseling, Psychiatric Support Services, Volunteer Development, Disaster Recovery Services, Comprehensive Information and Referral

Project Bread Hotline

Food, Emergency Food, Food Pantries, Food Stamps, Holiday Assistance, Christmas Baskets, Christmas Meals, Thanksgiving Baskets, Thanksgiving Meals, Information and Referral, Specialized Information and Referral





Brockton Outreach
Attleboro Outreach
Family and Parenting Center
Richardson School
780 W. Main St.
95 Pine St

Are you eligible for Food Stamps?

Food Stamp Eligibility Chart*

*October 1, 2003-September 30, 2004

The maximum allowable gross and net income standards for determining eligibility of assistance units and the maximum allotments authorized appear below:

Family Size

165% Poverty Maximum Gross Monthly Income Elderly/Disabled

Maximum Gross Monthly Income 130% Poverty Maximum Net Monthly Income 100% of Poverty *Thrifty Food Plan Maximum Allotment Benefit Level
1 $1,235 $973 $749 $141
2 $1,667 $1,313 $1,010 $259
3 $2,099 $1,654 $1,2732 $371
4 $2,530 $1,994 $1,534 $471
5 $2,962 $2,334 $1,795 $560
6 $3,394 $2,674 $2,057 $672
7 $3,826 $3,014 $2,319 $743
8 $4,257 $3,354 $2,580 $849
9 $4,689 $3,695 $2,842 $955
10 $5,121 $4,036 $3,104 $1,061

Each Additional Member

+ $432 +$341 +$262 +$106

*Thrifty Food Plan Allotment is what you could potentially receive on a monthly basis based on program eligibility guidelines.

The minimum monthly Food Stamp benefit for categorically eligible assistance units of one or two persons is $10.